Burgundy is the Color this Christmas

I have decided that burgundy is the official color of the holidays this year. I love the color red, however sometimes I feel it just doesn’t go well with my complexion, which is why I’ve turned to my Lulu’s long sleeve burgundy dress for my holiday parties. 

burgundy dress

Burgundy is a Christmas-y, if you will, color and perfect for Christmas parties or New Year’s Eve. The reason I really like this one is because of the long sleeves. It covers you up just enough to be appropriate for those cold winter walks to the cab as well as for drinking champs around your boss.

This one above is also very appropriate, around your family even as well, because it is a very shallow cut at the chest. You don’t need to worry about feeling awkward in it around anyone! Well this one is my favorite but obviously I found a bunch more just for you guys! Do you think i’d really force you to just go with the one I wanted. On this new website I just typed in burgundy dress and they gave me options from across the board. They had dresses from Lulu’s, Rue 21, Akira, Free People, Nordstrom, Nasty Gal, White House Black Market, and so many more.

burgundy dress


Click here to check them out!

As you can see I found a ton of various styles and looks from sleeves, sleeveless, A-line, body-con, long, short… basically any style dress you’d want.

When it comes to dressing appropriately for the occasion, always consider the people that you will be with. A great rule of thumb that I like to follow is to show either your legs or your shoulders, but not both. So, if you wear a short dress that shows off a little leg, stick with something with sleeves- doesn’t even have to be long sleeves. You could also wear a jacket over. If you’re going for something that shows less leg, whether it’s a longer dress, super flowly- not skin tight, etc, then you are probably going to be ok showing off your shoulders. Just think about who you’re going to be wearing it with, what kinds of activities you’re going to be doing, and see if you think it would be ok. Use your best judgement. If you’re going to be getting up and down on stage, a short dress is probably not the best option because there will be people sitting below you.. if you see what I’m getting at.

So basically when it comes to style, rock whichever works, but when it comes to color.. stick with the burgundy! It’s a safe bet that’s guaranteed to make you stand out.

Platform Boots You Say?

Giuseppe Zanotti 150mm Leather Red Wedge Ankle Boots Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Crystal-Coated Heel Platform Peep Toe Red Ankle Boots giuseppe-zanotti-red-suede-curvedwedge-platform-ankle-boots-product-2-3958917-622423313_large_flex

Platform boots is the best thing you can possibly have in your shoe closet… If you have not find one perfect pair yet, you should check for it on Resultly!

Summer is over. Women tend to fall in depression( that last until next summer) and nothing can help it besides shoe shopping. Fortunately, we have tons of stores where you can get lost in all the shoes from all designers in this world. I call it:Heaven!

I am 100% shoes girl who can not stand any flats or ugly cheap shoes in general. You have to shoot me before I agree to wear some unsexy heels or boots! Of course, heels are my favorite and first choice;however, winter is coming and there is no way I can walk in open shoes everyday. So, booties is my second , still very much favorite choice of shoes.

If you think that the only option you have for boots is a small heel, you are mistaken! In my opinion there is nothing sexier than platform boots! First of all, they are super comfortable, you still look taller, your legs are longer and have this attitude of a real woman in the room!I mean , we all love attention, right? Second of all, you will stay warm and fashionable at the same time.

However, it is very easy to get a wrong pair… I see so many women who are trying on those huge , huge platforms that look horrible! I wonder if they are blind or just do not have a good taste. I agree platform is big and it is hard to pick something that does look good and not making your feet bigger than ever, but you should keep looking and maybe try hundreds of them until you find a perfect bootie. That is a reality you can not avoid.

Also, I always pick platform boots that make a statement! Like this one: http://www.hm.com/us/product/32190. You  will not impress anyone with a black pair of shoes. Trust me, I have tried it before, and no one will even mention what kind of shoes I was wearing. I love compliments, so I had to do some research what kind of booties will drag more attention. after a while I figured that color is the main key!

As soon as I saw the red pair of boots in the local store (they cost only 200$), I knew it was a done deal. No need to keep shopping, and my endless search was over! If you only had any idea how much everyone loved them! Who would not like red leather booties? right?

Of course, I hat to work on the whole look. You do not want to wear something that colorful with green pants or anything too colorful. I know for a fact that black and red is the best mix of colors! It is sexy, provocative , and will give you that huge attention from everyone.

I am definitely will recommend to have at least one pair of platforms and stay fashionable woman all year around!


Are you ready for New Years Eve? You know that means dressing up and my motto is the sparklier the better! From sequin dresses to sequin pants, you need to make sure you outfit has that sparkle so you stand out!

Sequin Dress

sequin dress

A sequin dress is a great way to get all glamed up for new years eve. If you go with this fun look, you don’t need to add to many accessories since a sequin dress makes quite the statement already! Some simple shoe are all you really need! There is no need to over accessorize! For more tips about wearing sequin dresses click here.  When it comes to your hair you can really go in any direction you want. A cute top knot is always a great option, especially if your dress has an open back. However if you want to go for a more glam look, then by all means wear your hair down! You can wear it straight, or bring on some curls. Add some bright red lipstick to really make this look POP!

Sequin Pants

sequin pants

Really strut your stuff in some sparkly sequin pants! Yes you can totally rock this trend. Here’s how: You need to find the perfect pair of sequin pants. This can men loose once of sequin denim. There are a ton of options you can choose from. I love using the resultly app. They have so many sequin pants to pick from. Click here to see.  A great way to style sequin pants is with a tight fitting shirt and a blazer. This will add a nice touch to your new years eve look. Plus, if the party gets hot you can totally take the blazer off. A cute pair of heels are a must with sequin pants. They will for sure make your legs look long and lean.

Sequin Skirt

sequin skirt

Last but not least we have the sequin skirt. You can rock a short one for a super sexy vibe! Add a great way to style a sequin skirt is by tucking in a flouncy top and adding a blazer. If you are a little more brazen then try wearing a high wasted sequin skirt with a crop top! This will create one unforgettable look. Similar to a sequin dress, you really want to keep those accessories to a minimum. Click here for more sequin skirt styling ideas.

Are you ready for New Years Eve now? You Have three great sparkly outfit options: Sequin dress, sequin pants, and sequin skirt. Now it is time to figure out who your NYE kiss will be! :)

Sundresses fer dayz

sunflower dress

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. Every April and start of May there’s one thing you can bet I’ll be doing, shopping for a new sunflower dress. They come in many colors and symbolize one thing: summer.

I feel like they’re a must have every summer and you’d think by now I had a million, but you can never have too many. I usually browse first online and I found a bunch of cute options here. Then I’ll go to the mall to purchase it. I’ve had some amazing times while wearing these, from great dates with new guys to fun days out with my girlfriends.

One date I can picture clear as day I was in a black and white flowered A-line dress from Macy’s.

sunflower dress

It was a brisk September day and he was taking me out for dinner and drinks to a bar/restaurant that was right down the street from my apartment. I had just bought the dress and thought the covered wedges along with the sleeves and dark tone of the dress made for the perfect out, he must have also. He got to my door at 7:30, and I was really glad I was ready because I tend to always be running late. Sorry, I like to take my time while getting ready! We started walking towards the restaurant, hand in hand. He started rubbing the top of my hand with his thumb as we walked which made me feel so safe and wanted. This was our third date and I was starting to let him in more and more each time we talked. We’re walking up to the door at this point but he pulls my arm and drags me to the side of the restaurant. Against the wall, he looked at me and I couldn’t help by shyly smile and look away. He lifted my chin to look back at him and kissed me, ever so softly on the lips. My stomach could barely handle this, I had never been looked at or touched with such strong feelings. I would’ve done anything to stay in this moment forever. We parted lips and holding each others hands slightly tighter, walked in and asked for a table for two.

From that moment on I was his and he was mine. I felt the passion when we looked at each other, I often wondered what it must have looked like from an outside perspective. I had never felt such passion and strong feels before for anyone, this was new to me, and I was loving every moment, every minute of him.

Every time I see or think of a sunflower dress it takes me back to that date. The date that started it all, the date that changed my world, redirected my direction to orbit around him. And for that, I will always love sun dresses.

Perfectly Peachy

Got peach on your mind? I sure do! This is one hot color for prom.  Seriously, peach is no joke, which is why you need to go to prom in a perfectly peach dress! The color peach looks wonderful on all skin tones! Seriously you can do it! Here’s how.

A cute peach dress, some matching shoes and accessories, and bam! Still confused? Don’t worry. I’ll break it down for you. The first step is finding your perfect peach dress. A great way to find a peach dress is my using this cool shopping app, Resultly. Just type in “peach dress” and you get tons of options. Check them all out via the link below.


You have so any choices. You can pick any style and length you want, just make sure you pick a peach dress!  Once you sorted through all of your peach dress options, and fond the perfect one, it is time to accessorize it.

As you can see from inspiration look, we want to stick with gold accessories! First we need to find a pretty pair of gold chandelier earrings. These will really go well with any peach dress and bring attention back up to your pretty face. Stella & Dot has a huge selection of earrings. Check them out!


You also need a gold bracelet. Stella & Dot should also have you covered for that! Pick a gold cuff bracelet. It will look great with the gold earrings!  You can even pick one that his a little bling to really dress up your peach dress!

Now that that is all figured out lets move on to your purse. A gold purse will match your jewelry and really pop next to your peach dress. You can even get one that is shiny. I like this one from Nordstrom.

gold purse

You can find it on their site at


It is super cute and will really look great with a peach dress! Last, but not least it is time for shoes. You could keep it simple and just go with a pair of gold shoes, however I think it would be a super fun ideas to find a pair of shoes that have a touch of peach in them. They will really go with your peach dress. Try to find a pair that has gold in to. that will really tie your look together.

Now you have all the tools you need to create the perfect peach dress look for prom!

All I Want Is Angora Sweater…

All I want for this Christmas is Angora Sweater and I will tell you why.

First of all, angora sweater is sexy as hell; there is nothing better than a short sweater on top of one’s dress or top. It will cover your shoulders, make you warmer and give you that chic you are looking for when you go out.

Second of all, angora sweater is very comfy and feels good on skin. Especially, when it is freezing out. It is never too hot or cold in it. One can wear it during summer or during winter time.

Third reason to buy one is that it always in fashion. You do not have to worry if it is trending or not. Angora sweater is something that never goes apart with the latest fashion.

Fourth, it goes with dresses, tops, pants, jeans, you name it… This type of sweater can be mixed with any pice in your closet. No need to overthink and stress out about it.

angora sweater

So, where to find a perfect angora sweater? The answer is Resultly. It is anew social shopping app that I use all the time and where I got mine;however, one can find tons of them in any stores in your city, or just search online. It is not super expensive and I am sure anyone can find something affordable depending on one’s budget. Mine cost me around fifty dollars.

Of course, there some things every girl should know when you wear that sweater. Number one is that it needs to be dry cleaned only , and definitely not to spill red wine or coffee…It will be hard to get rid of it. And another thing is not to wear bright colors with evening outfit, it will look cheap.

I have a couple of angora sweaters;one is black color and another one is peach. I love wearing it with my black cocktail dress or white dress in the summer. Every time, I go out in one of those sweaters I get millions compliments from everyone on the street and especially from my friends and boyfriend.

That is why, if one does not have at least on of this kind of sweater, it is probably a good idea to get one as soon as possible. Wear it. Enjoy it. And get attention you want from everyone around you.

All what I want for this coming Christmas is a new red color angora sweater, so I can wear it for a New Eve party with my friends.

Date Night Adventures

Every friday my boyfriend and I have a date night. We like to go to fancy restaurants and try wonderful food. Paying for expensive meals is not something we can afford, but that doesn’t mean we should miss out. We like to live above our needs. Whatever, we are millennials, it’s not our fault.

When we go to these fancy restaurants for culinary experiences we can’t afford, we always dress the part though. Sometimes I play an heiress and he is my escort. Other times we just hit it big in the oil game. Our story always changes, but my outfit doesn’t. A flared skirt is my go to. It is fancy and cute at the same time. You always look put together in a flared skirt. It is all about looking classy and expensive.

flared skirt

In an outfit like that, no one will question your presence at a five star restaurant. In order to fine dine, dressing the part is key and wearing my go to flared skirt is a must. My boyfriend always wears a suit. We want to look classy and trendy, but not stand out to much. I usually purchase my flared skirts online via Resutly. So many choices. My BF on the other hand can’t afford to buy multiple suits, so he sticks with very nice ties. The tie bar is is main go to.

After we get all dressed up and pick our characters, our night really begins. Sometimes it is just so refreshing playing a part. It is almost like a dance. We arrive at which ever restaurant we choose, we never enter in a cab. That is low class, the truly rich have town cars, we get dropped off a few blocks away then walk. Pretend like we are enjoying the beautiful evening. When we enter, we make ourselves sound very important and pepper in influential people we know in our conversations so the staff can over hear. Never make a reservation, just insist that they lost it, or that you know a famous food critic. This works 88% of the time.

Always order a bottle of wine. Not the most expensive, but not the least expensive. You don’t want to turn any heads or be flashy. Let the waiters serve you. I simply lay hands in my lap, resting on my flared skirt while they our you wine and serve you. We always get multiple appetizers and really enjoy ourselves.

This whole charade is very romantic, creating a fantasy life for us to live in, even if it is for a little bit. We relax, laugh, and enjoy our meal, all the while our cover stories get more and complex. Then the check comes, this is when the charade is over and we are snapped back to reality. Who can possibly pay this bill? My friend on the cover of amex can! While credit card offers are in the mail every day, who cares? If this one gets maxed out, I’ll just get the next one. Let the good times roll!